Sunday, August 6, 2017

Carmelita's business in Lago Vista, Texas reported to be up for sale.

Carmelita Hanley started the Carmelita's business as a restaurant in the city of Lago Vista, Texas in 1995. What started as a restaurant became apartments. Carmelita's later became a bar. The bar was located on 5905 Lohman Ford Road on the same property. Carmelita's was located on one of Lago Vista’s busiest streets, Lohman Ford Road. No, Carmelita's was never a hotel.

The buildings themselves were built in 1995. The buildings themselves look much older than any buildings that would have been built in 1995. The buildings resembles buildings that were constructed and built pre-1965 based on the architectural appearance. The 2 story house at the front entrance next to Lohman Ford Road looks very similar to a pre-1965 house. In fact, the house located up front on Lohman Ford Road looks very similar to a vernacular 19th century house rather than a house that was built or constructed in 1995. 

Building units far away from Lohman Ford Road resemble units for apartments or a hotel. Those building units far away from Lohman Ford Road resemble units for an apartment complex. Carmelita's had a small town hotel feel hence the small building styled architecture.

Over the years, Carmelita Hanley leased the property and buildings to several businesses and owners such as Lago Tacos, 5905 Lohmans Ford Road LLC, Lago Music Hall, Butch Y West, Alternative Hair Solutions, Taha Custom Homes Inc., and lukepages. had reported this property originally sold for the price of $380,000 dollars in 2006. According to apparently the owner has decided to liquidate.

In 2011, Carmelita's was shut down by City of Lago Vista building code enforcement. Reasons why Carmelita's was shut down was due to poor construction and code violations. Carmelita's was cited with numerous code violations by City of Lago Vista for poor construction and several structural errors in such buildings. Some buildings were not structurally safe although floorplans were fine.

Over the years, the Carmelita's buildings sat abandoned. Rooms in several building remain vacant. There are no signs of squatters or homeless life inside these buildings. Rats have taken hostage of one building north of the 2 story house. All rooms and buildings are empty. All are vacant.

In 2016, Sandy Le and Gary Hudson sold the buildings and property to a business called Taha Custom Homes Inc. which is a local business. Sandy Le abandoned everything in 2016.

As of August 2017, Carmelita's buildings and property are up for sale after being abandoned for several years to any buyers who are business owners interested in commercial property to sale or lease out. The property is zoned as commercial property by City of Lago Vista. Property type is retail. Property size is 2 acres of land. Lot size and building size are as per Travis County Appraisal District. Contact landlord leasing representatives Kennedy Wilson, Sandy Le, Gary Hudson, and Butch West at 512-402-7581 extension 394 for more information. Owner Carmelita Hanley can be contacted at 512-267-0611.

The location for Carmelita's was 5905 Lohman Ford Road, Lago Vista, Texas, US 78645.

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