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History about Oak Grove School in Austin, Texas long forgotten.

Oak Grove School was a rural schoolhouse that served Travis County and Austin from 1861 to 1970. The former Oak Grove School was located on the end of Spicewood Springs Road in Austin, Texas. From 1861 to 1970, Oak Grove School had operated its own school district called Oak Grove School District simply known as School District #5 or District No. 5. Oak Grove School taught grades 1 through 8. The former Oak Grove School was a K-8 school.

After 1900, students who graduated 8th Grade wanted to continue their high school education were transferred to the Nichols School in the Nichols School District (School District #62/District No. 62). Some had simply transferred to Austin ISD high schools such as Austin High School, Allan High School, McCallum High School, or Lanier Junior-Senior High School (now Lanier High School).

Due to lack of enrollment and dwindling tax revenue, Oak Grove School District was consolidated into Austin Independent School District (Austin ISD) in 1970. In 1970, the schoolhouse for Oak Grove School was converted into a church which would become the Oak Grove Church we know today. No known modifications were made to the church.

Over the years, the Oak Grove School was set on fire several times by vandals. The Oak Grove School finally burned to the ground on the date of August 31, 1992 after being set on fire several times. Today only a shed, cement foundations, and a basketball court remain.

The shed is currently being used for storage. Today the Oak Grove School property has been repurposed into a private church called Oak Grove Church. Oak Grove Cemetery is now property of Oak Grove Church. Both Oak Grove Church and Oak Grove Cemetery are private property and are currently off limits to the public.

As for the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Oak Grove Cemetery was first plotted in 1885. Earliest burial found at this cemetery dates back to the year 1887. Today the cemetery is maintained by the donations of friends and family. Oak Grove Cemetery is private property and off limits to the public.

Oak Grove School was located at 7901 Spicewood Springs Road, Austin, Texas, US 78759. Both the Oak Grove Church and Oak Grove Cemetery are located at this address.

*Oak Grove School District was also known as School District No. 5.
*Report of arson to the Oak Grove Church had appeared in an August 31, 1992 edition of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper in an article titled “Congregation mourns loss of old church”.
*Nichols School District was known as District #62/District No. 62. Nichols School operated in this school district from 1900 to 1951.
*Lanier Junior-Senior High School is now Lanier High School.

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