Thursday, September 14, 2017

History of the Barton Springs Baptist Church in Austin, Texas nearly forgotten.

Barton Springs Baptist Church started birth out as a church in 1882 which was a wooden frame building constructed out of wood. African American citizens attended this church. Barton Springs Baptist Church served as both a church and school. The church was incorporated into the Austin City Limits in 1937. In 1945, the Barton Springs Baptist Church burned down in a fire. 1946 is the year when the church was replaced with a wooden building that sits on cinder blocks today.

Both City of Austin and Barton Springs Baptist Church began preserving the cemetery and church building in 1993. During the same year the city of Austin zoned the church as historic. Barton Springs Baptist Church became an Austin Historical Landmark in 1993.

The school that operated in this church was the St. Elmo Negro School in the St. Elmo School District.

Students who were enrolled in the St. Elmo School District attended St. Elmo School No. 2 located at 2109 Goodrich Avenue in the Barton Hills neighborhood. Grades 1st through 8th were taught at this school. Both 9th grade and 10th grade were later added during the late 19th century. But St. Elmo School No. 2 was a K-8 school overall.

St. Elmo Negro School along with the St. Elmo School District incorporated into Austin Independent School District in 1937. In 1938, the former St. Elmo Negro School became Barton Springs Baptist Church. St. Elmo Negro School is one of the last few reminders of the former St. Elmo city and community. Today St. Elmo Negro School is under the entity of Barton Springs Baptist Church.

The location of Barton Springs Baptist Church is 2109 Goodrich Avenue, Austin, Texas, US 78704.

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