Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pleasant Grove School history almost nearly forgotten.

Pleasant Grove School began its life as Cat Hollow School in the Cat Hollow community of Lake Travis in 1890. The Cat Hollow School lasted from 1890 to 1901. In 1901 is when the school was renamed to Pleasant Grove School. The Pleasant Grove school taught 1st grade through 7th grade. Students who wanted to continue beyond 7th grade would have to attend school in Bee Cave, Hamilton Pool, or Dripping Springs. Travis County Public Schools operated the school before Pleasant Grove was granted its own school district. By 1910 student enrollment stood at 30.

However the school building was deemed inadequate by Travis County Public Schools officials sometime during the early dawn of the 20th century. A new one needed to be built. Community leaders begged for a new schoolhouse to be built.

1916 is the year when people from the Mud community built another schoolhouse. The Cat Hollow School was for $10 dollars in 1916. Lumber was hauled from wagons that came from Lake Travis community. Lumber was hauled out from Austin. The school building was completed in 3 weeks. 1916 is the same year Pleasant Grove School was granted its own school district by the State of Texas. The name of the school district would be Pleasant Grove School District #10.

$300 dollars were donated to Pleasant Grove School in 1917. Ms. Bessie Bohman was the first teacher to teach at Pleasant Grove School for the 1917-1918 school year.  Enrollment later increased to 40 students. The average daily attendance was 35 students a day.

More students attended this school in 1921 in part to state aid funding. Pleasant Grove School received state aid from 1921 to 1936. The school was rebuilt and improved in order to meet state requirements in 1929. Several improvements were made before the Great Depression.

School enrollment declined slowly during the 1930s mostly in part due to the Great Depression. 15 students were enrolled during the 1935-1936 school year. That was a 140% drop in enrollment rate from the begging of the century. A $1,000 dollar bond was voted on by residents of the community in 1935. The school was repainted in 1936. Several repairs were made to the school building.
More improvement was made by painting the school with several coat and layers of paint.

In 1941, Pleasant Grove School was renamed to Mud School. That is when the small schoolhouse became the Mud Schoolhouse (Mud School). Mud School when it was named after the former small community of Mud, Texas. Later that year Pleasant Grove School was moved to the small community of Mud, Texas. The school was renamed to Pleasant Grove - Mud Schoolhouse in 1946. The school was rebuilt and improved in 1947.

In 1948, Pleasant Grove School and Pleasant Grove School District #10 were consolidated into the Teck Common School District and eventually later into Dripping Springs ISD in 1950.

Apparently the Pleasant Grove School building sits just inside the entrance of Pace Bend Park off of Highway 71 & FM 2344. However the school operated as a small restaurant called Moon River Bar & Grill (UMJO LLC) on 2002 Pace Bend Road North, Spicewood, Texas, US 78669 from 2002 to 2016. In January 2016, the former Pleasant Grove School building was moved relocated offsite to an unknown location. Future of the former Pleasant Grove School building remains unknown presently speaking.

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