Thursday, September 14, 2017

History of Willow Ranch Negro School of Elgin, Texas forgotten.

Willow Ranch Negro School began life after the Willow Ranch School was established in 1890 where grades 1st through 6th were taught. The school was a one-room building that was long and narrow with many windows and the front of this building had a small front-gable. Willow Ranch Negro School also went under the name Wells School. Willow Ranch Negro School operated from 1890 to 1938.

Subjects such as Texas history, geography, writing, mathematics, and art were taught here. Students learned basic skills and elementary instruction. Much Texas history was taught inside of this school. Mainly writing, mathematics, and art were taught at Willow Ranch Negro School.

13 students were enrolled at Willow Ranch Negro School in the 1934–1935 school semester. 1 teacher taught 13 students in one room. The school remained open until 1938. In 1938, Willow Ranch Negro School and Willow Ranch School consolidated into Elgin ISD. Students were then transferred to Elgin ISD.

In 1980, St. Paul Christian Ministries bought the former Willow Ranch Negro School building from Elgin ISD. The former Willow Ranch Negro School become St. Paul Kimbro Baptist Church in 1980. 1985 is when more improvements to this church were made. The building received central AC heating. Several air condition units were placed at windows.

Today the school exists under the entity of St. Paul Kimbro Baptist Church operated by St. Paul Christian Ministries. The building is currently vacant. However the building seems to have AC units still intact at several windows.

Willow Ranch Negro School is located at 15618 Wells School Road, Elgin, Texas, US 78621.

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